36 th Auction | February 24, 2017 - Lot 29.801

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Enormously comprehensive stock in approximately 185 albums and sheetfolders as well as further folders and boxes, with predominantly good material from all over the world.


with particularly outstanding part Japan from the first issue with some good values, e. g. Michel No. 1 in unused block of 6, early good special and commemorative issues multiple, good miniature sheets, good souvenir sheets from Michel No. 1 (four times) often multiple, furthermore also still good sheets etc.


with USA with good unused values and issues, good early dollar values ,e. g. all Columbus dollar values, Canada from the classic with good values and issues etc.


with beautiful part from the classical period, Venezuela from good classic part from Mi. No 1/3 many times, units, Mi. No 1 in complete original sheet of 100 values, Chile as well represented, later with particularly many good airmail issues of the different countries, also SCADTA with many good issues etc.


strongly represented from the classics, with many good values, we saw for example dozens of triangles from the Cape of Good Hope, including also two woodcuts, beautiful part of Australia starting from the States, later also better issues, for example Kookaburra miniature sheet two times, numerous Specimens from New South Wales and others, also Canada from the classics, Newfoundland well represented, jubilee issue 1897 complete, dollar values partly double and triple, Commonwealth later with numerous better and good definitive issues from Aden, Antigua, Ascension, Bahamas, Barbados, Bechuanaland, Bermuda, British Antarctic, British Honduras, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Fiji, Gambia, Gibraltar, Hongkong, India, Malta, Mauritius, New Zealand, North Borneo, Norfolk Island, Papua and New Guinea, Somaliland, Samoa, St. Helena, South Georgia, South Georgia, Swaziland, South Rhodesia, Tristan da Cunha, Cyprus from the first edition etc, North African countries (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia) with better collection, also with German Post Offices in Morocco with good issues etc.


with nice part Albania with good issues, Belgium stock with good values and issues, e. g. 5 Francs 1869 in both conditions, Mercier and other good issues (partly also with overprints) several times, all good souvenir sheets mostly several times, further unused/mnh collection from the classic with many good issues like red cross 1918, steel helmet, Orval 1928 also with two different overprints, Mercier without and with handstamp overprint, Orval 1933 etc, France from the classics with good values, with all good souvenir sheets inclunding Michel No. 1 and 2 multiple, airmail including two good 50 Francs each multiple, railway issues with good values, areas in the Antarctic well represented with Albatros four times, Great Britain from the classic starting with Black Penny several times (partly on letters), Michel No. 2 in horizontal pair etc., Ireland with good values and issues of the first overprint issues, Iceland with Zeppelins multiple (also one set in block of 4 with plate number), Hoppflug multiple and some more good issues, Yugoslavia with Olympics 1952 imperforated two times, railroad souvenir sheets many times, also Zagreb-block 1951, Croatia with good issues, Division set 1945 imperforated two times as well as souvenir sheet (margins cut a little bit) and so on, Latvia with Afrikaflight multiple, stock Lithuania from the first issue, numerous interesting and imperforated issues,Central Lithuania with some good and certified values, e. g. Michel No. 5 b with certificate (BPP), Liechtenstein with many good issues multiplewith e. g. Zeppelins, Vaduz souvenir sheets, good miniature sheets etc., Luxembourg with souvenir sheet 1 and intellectuals 1935 several items as well as other good issues, Austria from the classical period, numerous good issues, e. g. jubilee issue 1908 several times, WIPA stamp several times, Dollfuß two times, blitz/mask, Renner with miniature sheets two times and so on, further collection with all good issues including WIPA souvenir sheet, Dollfuß and Renner miniature sheets, nice part Bosnia and Hercegowina with a lot of interesting perforation varieties, unperforated issues, single proofs etc., Poland from Mi. No 1 with two singles, one horizontal pair as well as two letters, later good souvenir sheets double or multiple, Portugal strongly represented with some good unused values and issues from the classic,also used with e. g. Michel No. 1 two times, Russia / Soviet Union with better parts sub-areas,e. g. Russian post in the Levant Michel No. 1 in the vertical pair, Caucasian republics with numerous overprint issues with good and interesting material, Kreispost Wenden etc., San Marino with many good values starting from the first issue, many good issues of the later years like definitive issues 1903 and 1929, airmail 1931, postal building and Garibaldi 1932, Zeppelin 1933 and other issues mostly multiple, Sweden with e. g. both UPU issues several times and good definitive issues, Switzerland from the classic with several good issues ,e. g. 25 C. UPU 1900 with rare plate III, italian Pro Juventute forerunner,souvenir sheets from Michel No. 1 multiple, PAX 1945 multiple, Pro Juventute se-tenant sheet 1953 several times etc, Spain from the classic again and again with good values , issues and souvenir sheets, e. g. souvenir sheet Michel No. 4, Turkey very well represented from the classic with alone about 40 values of the first definitive and postage due issue, later also many good issues, e. g. womens congress 1935 several times (also in mnh block of 4), Hungary with souvenir and miniature sheets, e. g. souvenir sheet Michel No. 20 in purple perforated and imperforated, Michel No. 1104 I etc, Vatican with provisional set several times, good airmail issues In corner margin blocks of 4 etc.


from the states, German empire with many good values and issues starting from the first issues, e. g. 2 Kreuzer large shield in both conditions, all souvenir sheets two or several times, e. g. Michel No. 2 three times, areas here and there also well represented, e. g. strong part Saar with definitive issue 1922 (Mi. No. 84/97) imperforated in horizontal pairs, welfare-issues, souvenir sheets multiple etc, service stamps with first issue (Michel number 1/11) with overprint type I in imperforated corner margin pairs (Michel 10.000,-), occupation of Lithuania in WW2 with good values and issues, e. g. Michel no. 10/18 used and signed (BPP, 1 Ruble with certificate), Raseiniai with type pairs (Michel No. 1/7 I + II), Rokiskis with 2 Kop. with certificate, Estonia as well with good local issues, Federal Republic with alone nine times Posthorn, Heuss I also several times, also in blocks of four, Berlin as well with almost all good issues several to many times, e. g. Stephan, souvenir sheet No. 1,Goethe etc.


from the Italian states with a lot of good values and issues of Vatican state with good unused values like Michel no. 10, Romagna completely unused mostly multiple, Tuscany with better values and units, Sicily unused two times, Kingdom from Mi. No. 9 unused, numerous further good unused values, as well Michel no. 25 II, 27 etc, booklet of Michel No. 104 two times, then many good commemorative issues, Mi. 141 in gray (not issued) many times, philately congress 1922 several times, Manzoni multiple, card cover stamps (BLP) with many good pieces up to 1 lire (two times), good mnh issues of the 40s and 50s, also sheets, service stamps with Michel No. 10 several times, postage due from Michel No. 1 unused with original gum, 1, 2 and 10 Lire 1870 with brown digit (Mi. No. 11, 12 and 14) partly double or several times, packet stamps with good issues, very good issues with advertising fields, areas like Rhodos and Fiume strongly represented with some good issues, Fiume in addition with interesting 3-volumes collection of postal history from the prephilately, Eritrea with good issues and values partly many times, as well as Somalia, Libya etc., Italian occupation of the Ionian islands in 1941 with a lot of good values and issues, strong part of post offices abroad, furthermore beautiful collection Campione incl. the good perforation (L 11½) of the first issue 1944 on cover as well as in mnh original sheets of 25 (Michel 11.500, - €), furthermore hundreds of single lots of all areas from all over the world, here with very good part Italy from the states, covers from Hungary, France, Russia, Zeppelin and airmail covers from all over the world, Vatican with proofs etc.

An impressive stock of which you have to take a picture yourself!

For this exceptional lot a special catalog is available which can be requested by serious interested parties.

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